Application of the Diffuse Interface Numerical Technique for Solving the Reduced Multi-component Model

كتبت بتاريخ : 2014-12-08

Ahmed Ballil, Shaban Jolgam

Second International Conference On Advances in Mechanical, Aeronautical and Production Techniques - MAPT 2014-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during 20-21 December, 2014


Numerical simulation of multi-component flows is a challenging task. It requires dealing with mathematical models, numerical solution techniques, uniformity and non-uniformity of the physical and thermodynamic properties of the flow component and the dynamic changes of the interfaces. In this contribution a numerical application is developed to solve a pressure non-equilibrium multi-component model. The numerical solution is based on a finite volume scheme and the interface is treated as a diffuse zone with a small controlled thickness. Since each flow component has its own pressure, a pressure relaxation procedure is considered during the solution. The code is verified against benchmark tests in one and two-dimensional flows. The results show very good agreement with the reference data, which proves the capabilities of the developed numerical tools.

Keywords—Compressible multi-component flows, interfaces, Godunov approach, Riemann solvers, pressure relaxation