Dual-Band C-Shape Slotted Antenna with CPW-Fed for WiMAX and WLAN Applications

كتبت بتاريخ : 2014-12-01

Nafaa M. Shebani1, Tumader A. Al-naas 2, Rowyda M. Sharoun 3

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department

University of Zawia

Zawia, Libya

Nafah@yahoo.com1, Tumader_na90@gmail.com 2, Rouyda91@yahoo.com3


Abstract The rapid development in wireless communication systems demands to use a single antenna to cover multiple frequency bands.  For this reason, this paper aims to propose CPW-fed dual-band circular polarized slot antenna with C-Shape for WiMAX IEEE802.16 (3.3-3.8) GHz band and WLAN IEEE802.11a (5.15-5.825) GHz band. The dual-band antenna is simulated using ADS momentum software on FR4 substrate with 4.4 dielectric constant and 1.58 mm thickness.

The simulation results for return loss, VSWR, radiation pattern, current distribution, and circular polarization fields are presented and discussed to evaluate the antenna performance at the desired wireless communication bands.