The failure of democracy in libya 1969-2011

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د /  علي مصباح الوحيشي

The International Conference on Education, Psychology and Social Sciences
Venice, Italy on April, 13-14, 2015


Democracy is demand for the majority of people in the whole world, specifically in the areas that are still outside the democratic life such as Libya and other Arab countries. Although democracy has spread across the world through three waves of democratization, Libya is still outside the democratic process; even recently its regime has changed. The challenges of democracy in Libya are not new; they represent accumulations over time that impeded to achieve this goal.

            This paper concludes that the absence of democracy in Libya because of set of factors that include: colonial legacy, oil wealth; the lack of institutions; the lack of political parties; and tribal factor. These factors prevented Libya to be democratic state whether during King Idris’ or Qaddafi’s rule.