Voltage and Current Waveforms Enhancement using Harmonic Filters

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Dr.Rajeb Ibsaim/ Dr. Amer Daeri

International Conference on Automation, Control, Engineering and Computer Science (ACECS-2015)
Proceedings of Engineering & Technology (PET)



The demand on reactive power in transmission and distribution systems is remarkably increasing especially in areas where extensive utilization of electric furnaces, induction machines, computers, thyristors and florescent lighting fixtures. These have resulted to unbalance in system operation and malfunctions causing distortions to both, voltage and current sinusoidal waveforms by what so known "The Harmonicas".

In this paper, power system components with inductive loads were modeled using computer to monitor the shape of the voltage/current waveforms in the absence of any means of filters. An appropriate filter was designed by the model to limit the distortions and obtain better sine waveforms of the voltage/current variables. The paper outlined the essential design of appropriate filters to dissipate these harmonics to the ground before entering the appliances and cause malfunctions or damage to its insulations.

Keywords: harmonics, distortion, waveforms, filters