جـــــامـعة الــزاويـــــة

Quality Assurance and Accreditation office
About the office:
Quality Assurance and Accreditation Department Working has started in the university since 2007.It sets a bunch of activities such as :workshops and visiting other university faculties, holding and organizing seminars expressing its role and introduce its main tasks, providing training courses for coordinators quality assurance and accreditation, and assisting faculties in achieving self-study process. The office department at the different collages. The Office participated in the development of the vision, mission and objectives of the University.
Faculty vision:
The faculty aims to build an effective system for quality assurance and continuous improvement of the university.
Faculty mission:
This program of quality assurance of education aims to build an effective educational system via developing an academic, administrative and technical performance. It must be in accordance with the local and international requirements of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Department in both learning and scientific research, and community service as increasing the role of the university in the community.
Based on the vision, mission and objectives of the university and based on the standards of quality assurance and accreditation office , the office itself seeks to achieve the following objectives:
  1. Spreading the culture of quality in the University environment and raise awareness of the importance of applying quality system and accreditation.
  2. implementing and following up the requirements of quality system and development strategies and performance improvements for all academic, administrative and technical units in the university.
  3. Providing support and maintaining quality specifications and treatment at all levels. Conducting the self-study process, and required preparation and support to get accreditation
  4. Studying and analyzing the results of self-study process of the faculties, and providing the necessary proposals for the development and improvement of the performance of the different units of the university. It is just to enhance the quality of the university outputs and to obtain academic accreditation for all educational programs in the university.
  5. Exchanging of experiences with other quality assurance offices locally and internationally to build an effective system, to ensure the quality of the educational and scientific process so to follow up the evaluation and accreditation processes.

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